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ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. determines the means and purposes (finality) of the processing of (personal) data recorded and used by the websites of ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A., and is therefore responsible for the processing of data in the sense of the European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free exchange of such data.


ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. records the data communicated by users. The (personal) data collected are: surname, first name, function/profession, telephone number, address and e-mail address. In addition, ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. registers data relating to the clients of its users that are communicated to it by its users with a view to the provision of services by ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. : name, address, telephone, etc.


The information provided as part of the recruitment process is intended for the personnel department of ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. for the processing of each application for the position mentioned. The data will be kept for a period of 6 months. The applicant has the right to access, rectify, transfer, delete and limit the processing.


ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. reserves the right to treat the data, plans and results of a report, or any other analysis carried out for or at the request of a client of ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. as part of a general database or other computer system.


Insofar as the user has concluded a contract with ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. or wishes to conclude a contract with ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A., the user acknowledges and accepts the fact that the processing of his/her personal data is necessary within the framework of the conclusion and/or execution of such an agreement. Insofar as the user is a person who has not concluded a contract or does not wish to conclude one with ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. (for example because the user is an employee of a client of ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A.), the user will be asked to give his explicit consent to the processing of his personal data by ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. in accordance with this privacy policy. In this case, the user has the right to withdraw his/her consent at any time. The user is aware, however, that he/she must provide his/her personal data to ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. for the use of the ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. websites and that he/she will not have access to these websites if this information is not provided.


ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. records the e-mail addresses that the user communicates. ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. may send newsletters to the user after prior approval from the user. However, the user can always indicate that he/she no longer wishes to receive such messages. Permission to send such messages is explicitly requested when the user is asked for his e-mail address for the first time. In addition, each e-mail message also contains the possibility to exercise the right to object. If several e-mail addresses are registered, it may be necessary to exercise this right of objection for each of these addresses.



ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. will process (personal) data to be transmitted to third parties for the execution and performance of any agreement, to meet a legal obligation or in the case of legitimate interest.


Suppliers: ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. may use service providers who, in this context, process personal data. The necessary measures are taken to ensure that these service providers process your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy.

Asset transfers : ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. reserves the right, in connection with a reorganisation, restructuring, merger, sale or other transfer of corporate resources, to transfer personal data, provided that the stakeholder consents to the processing of such data in accordance with this privacy policy.

International transfer : The (personal) data provided shall not be processed outside the European Economic Area.


ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. keeps the (personal) data of users for a period of up to 10 years after the completion of the file. These (personal) data can be kept longer by ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. if they are needed in a different context. In this case, the user is properly informed of the context.



L'utilisateur dispose d'un droit de contrôle et de rectification des données (à caractère personnel) le concernant qui sont traitées dans les fichiers de ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A.. Lorsque l'utilisateur exerce son droit de rectification, il peut demander à ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. de ne plus utiliser ses données personnelles pendant la période nécessaire pour en vérifier l'exactitude. À la demande expresse de l'utilisateur, ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. supprimera l’intégralité de ses données personnelles, à moins que ces données ne soient nécessaires à l'exécution de l'accord ci-dessus, ou pour la mise en place, l'exercice ou le soutien d'une action en justice.

L'utilisateur peut exercer les droits susmentionnés gratuitement en contactant ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A.. Cela peut être fait par courrier daté et adressé à ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A., 15, rue d’Epernay L-1490 Luxembourg, à l’attention de la Direction, ou par l’envoi d’un courriel à, avec une copie de sa carte d'identité jointe dans les deux cas (à des fins d'identification).

Si l'utilisateur a des réclamations à formuler en rapport avec la politique de confidentialité de ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A., il a le droit de déposer une plainte auprès de l'autorité compétente.

ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. a pris toutes les précautions juridiques et techniques nécessaires pour empêcher l'accès non autorisé et l'utilisation non autorisée des données (à caractère personnel). ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. can in no way be held responsible for identity theft, data theft or computer crime. In case of intrusion in the computer systems, ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. will immediately take all necessary measures to limit the damage and/or theft to a strict minimum.



ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. may from time to time modify the terms of this privacy policy by publishing the updated version on its websites. ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. will inform the user of a possible change within a reasonable time. ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. recommends that the user regularly reviews the provisions of this privacy policy to keep up to date with how ENERGIE ET ENVIRONNEMENT S.A. uses personal data.



The privacy policy is exclusively governed by Luxembourg law. In the event of a dispute regarding the Privacy Policy, the parties will attempt to reach an amicable agreement. Where a party believes that an amicable agreement cannot be reached, the parties agree that all disputes relating to the Privacy Policy shall fall exclusively within the jurisdiction of the courts of Luxembourg.


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